Light for every home.


Big city lights

Contemporary setting. Urban flair. You are in your area; everything here is within easy reach. With perfectly placed hubs that give you freedom.


Light from the source

The most beautiful source of light is – quite clearly – natural light. But everything that brings light into the darkness has a positive impact.


Light is timeless

What makes something a classic? Something eternally relevant. Something that has withstood the test of time and will always be modern. There is a reason why the latest trend often includes antiques.

Briloner Leuchten: 
Always inspired by life.

Briloner Leuchten was founded almost 40 years ago – in Brilon in the Sauerland. Briloner offers an extensive range of design-oriented luminaires with state-of-the-art LED technology. We are constantly thinking ahead with regard to our products – with high technical standards and a good instinct for the market and trends. With almost 40 years of experience with light. Always inspired by life.